Happy New Year!

I just finished putting you to bed, and I miss you already…

Here’s the truth about parenting: you love your kid(s) more than you ever thought possible, they drive you crazy sometimes (and sometimes right to the edge of insanity), but that love never goes away. You feel like you need a break sometimes, but as soon as you get the break, you miss your kid. That’s how it is with you, Jacob.

Putting you to bed is something generally reserved for mommy, but I love getting to be the one to do it too. The time right before bed while we read stories is sacred to me. I love the sound of your breath as you drift off to sleep. I love putting you down and giving you a kiss on the head before turning off the light and leaving your room. I know that eventually, you will not only not need us for this, but you won’t want us to put you to bed either, so mom and I both relish every good night kiss.

It’s December 31st, 2014 and I wanted you to know that putting you to bed is special for us.

Happy New Year!

I love you.


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