Swim Lessons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. If you have kids AND you work, then you understand. Life has been hectic. And to be brutally honest, I haven’t felt like writing lately. The temperature has been in the 100’s more than I care to think about here and that’s made me lethargic.

Like a delicate flower, I thrive between 68-72 degrees (insert joke here). Thankfully, it’s been cooling down lately. Yes, I realize how I sound, and no, I don’t care…. Much.

Anyway, Jacob has been doing fantastically! He’s repeating what we say (which is problematic for me, at times) and asking for what he wants. His favorite fruit? Meh meh (yeah, that’s watermelon). His favorite toy right now is nu nu (I’ll help you out here: nu nu is his blue pool noodle – DON’T insert joke here).

We decided that, even at 18.5 months (1 and a half) Jacob should, at the very least, be water-safe. So, we enrolled him in swim lessons with The Water Whisperer – I know, it sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Well, they’re fantastic! Yes, there were a lot of screaming kids in the heated (to 90 degrees) salt-water pool – some even screaming “I don’t wanna!!!!!” and “I want my mom!!!!!”

There were lots of happy, swimming kids too!

But not Jacob.


In the beginning, Jacob would quietly cry “mama, mama” with a sad look on his face and then point towards her. Usually this would happen towards the end of class (regardless of which one of us was in the pool with him – this is how “The Minnow Program” works) Before I go any further, you should know 3 things. 1: It broke our hearts too, 2: One of us is holding him in the pool while the instructor takes us through the class, and 3: By the last lesson, there were no more tears! None. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, you do have to submerge your child in the water – it’s a prerequisite for the class.

We’ve continued by taking Jacob swimming almost every day. He loves it!

When I ask him “Jacob, what do we say in the water?” He replies “Hummmmmmmmmmm!” (This is because they teach 1-2-3 Hummmmmm – so they close their mouth before being submerged)

He’s really adorable!

Anyway, we HIGHLY recommend swimming lessons at The Water Whisperer. We had a great experience! If you do, just say Adam and Cherise sent you.

Oh, and they take an underwater photo of your child on the last day. So cool!!

"Let go! I got this!"

“Let go! I got this!”

As for Jacob, I’m trying to make him stop saying “Damn!” It’s my own fault. He just sounds so cute when he says it!

Me: Jacob, where are the glasses? (his toy Harry Potter glasses)

Jacob (after looking for them, unsuccessfully): Damn!

Yeah. Cherise isn’t exactly thrilled…


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