Toddlers and Tea-Partiers…

Jacob has become very vocal about what he likes and what he doesn’t like. It’s tricky for sure, but it’s also amazing to watch. When he’s had enough of something – of anything for that matter – he looks up and says: “Done! All done!” (which sounds more like “Done! Ah-done”) and then he proceeds to walk away (or at least he tries to walk away – he only succeeds if we let him)

Ever find yourself stuck in a conversation that you had no intention of getting into? The whole time it’s happening, all you can think about is: “how do I get out of here?”

Toddlers don’t.

When toddlers are done with something, they’re done and they let you know in no uncertain terms. “Done! Ah-Done!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that? I mean, we can, it just doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.  As we grow up, we learn to be proper and nice. Civil. And this is a good thing.

To an extent. What I mean is, it’s great to be there for others and be polite and maintain the niceties necessary for society to function. It’s not ok to do things (or not do them) out of fear of others’ reactions (all murdering and illegally deviant behaviors aside, of course).

What I am saying is: Follow your dreams. Be you. Love unconditionally. Walk away if you feel you need to or want to. All we have is this moment. Time is precious, so spend it wisely. Toddlers seem to know this. We seem to have forgotten. Or maybe we’ve been conditioned.

Maybe you’re thinking: “Adam, that’s all great. But why’d you call this post ‘Toddlers and Tea-Partiers?'”

Good question. Here’s the answer:

The downside to a toddler’s perspective is that when they don’t get to do what they want to do, they melt down and throw a temper tantrum. They go limp when you try to pick them up, then start screaming and crying. Sometimes, they hit you out of frustration. It’s really not fun. For anyone. But they have a very good reason for behaving that way – they don’t know any better.

With everything going on in this country right now (I’m not going to get into the details of what’s going on as you can easily read about it on any online news outlet), but the Republican Party as a whole reminds me of a toddler (minus the cute). They want what they want with no regard for anybody else and when they don’t get what they want, they throw a temper tantrum. Only now, they’re holding the entire country hostage.

What do we do with toddlers that misbehave and throw tantrums? We put them in timeout.

The Republicans in Congress are in dire need for a timeout.

I’m pretty sure there’s a word for what they’re doing. What was it again?


Look, we should all follow our dreams. We really should.

Except for Republicans. They should end this retarded debacle already and start realizing that their dreams, aren’t coming true.

Everyone else, dream on!


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