Jacob loves driving. No, I don’t mean sitting in his car seat while I drive the car. He loves being in the driver’s seat. He pretends to drive, of course – I’m not that crazy…

He can play in that front seat for as long as we’ll let him. It usually starts with him looking up at one of us and firmly exclaiming: “Jabm” (sounds like shabbm – think “driving”, but not pronounced quite right) it’s totally adorable. Then we respond with: “You wanna go driving?” and he says: “Ya” followed by him reaching up to be picked up and brought to the car.

If we actually have time to just hang out in the garage (or wherever the car is parked), we’ll put him in the driver’s seat and let him play with the steering wheel and the indicators and the air vents. He pushes the hazard lights button – he totally gets a kick out of the blinking sound and the flashing green arrows. After a while, he’ll grab the steering wheel, hang off of it towards the passenger side of the car, look up at me, smile really wide and say: “Have fum, have fum” – his version of “I’m having fun!” – again, totally adorable!

Who knew that such a simple thing could cause such delight? With children, I’ve learned, it’s often about the simple things.

We’re off to go ‘Jabm’

Have a great weekend!


Jacob’s Daddy

"Have fum!"

“Have fum!”


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