2 years old and so very tall

It’s been almost 3 whole weeks since I last wrote.

I know, I know…

I’ve been a little inconsistent lately, but only because I’ve been so ridiculously busy that I haven’t had any time to sit down and just write.

Well, it’s my birthday today, and I decided that I was going to carve out some time and fill you all in on what’s been going on.

I’ll start by saying that yes, Cub (our nickname for Jacob) is still saying “dick” instead of “stick”, but on the bright side, he is pronouncing other words better now. He’s actually putting together 5-word sentences! We tried to transition him from his small bath tub to the regular one several months ago, but he wasn’t digging it, so we kept him in the small one (even though he barely fit). Tonight, I asked him if he wanted to try going in the “big boy bath tub” and he said “Ya”, so I gave it a shot.

When his butt hit the water, his first reaction was to say: “All done!” – I made him stick with it though, and he ended up loving it.

When he was finished being washed, he didn’t want to get out! He kept saying “in big boy bath tub!” He did this even after the water had drained and his teeth were starting to chatter. I pulled him out and while I was drying him off, he kept repeating “in big boy bath tub!” – It was adorable!

Big boy bath tub: Success!

We had such a fantastic day today! It started out with a fantastic appointment for me. Then we took Cub to Giggles N Hugs – Elmo was going to make an appearance and I couldn’t think of a better way to start my birthday off! We got there and he started asking for french fries. We ordered food and played inside the play area. (For those of you with kids and geographical access to Giggles N Hugs, I HIGHLY recommend it. The staff are awesome, the food is fantastic and the play space is clean and fun. Plus, they have flat-screen TV’s that show sports games for us daddies – well, the ones among us who care, anyway)

Cub was tired when we arrived, but we figured he’d perk right up when Elmo came out. By the time it happened, he was so tired that he was rubbing his eyes, but he went up and sat on Elmo anyway. Then they started with Elmo’s Dance Party. We knew he wasn’t gonna make it, so we left. Homeward-bound for his nap.

I put him down and then got to watch football. When he woke up, he sat with me for a while and then Cherise and I took turns hanging with him and enjoying the afternoon.

After his successful bath, I put him to bed and ended up here. In front of my laptop wondering how he’s gotten so big, so fast.

He’s already over 3′ tall. He weighs more than 32lbs. Every time he throws a tantrum (which isn’t often, thankfully) while I’m holding him, I practically have to see a chiropractor.

But I love him more than I ever thought possible.

And I love him more each day.

Jacob and Cherise are my universe.

And one day, I’ll send him the bill for the chiropractic…

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week!


Jacob’s Daddy

Happy and Tired with Elmo


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