Two dads, two toddlers, and some ketchup. What could go wrong?

What a week it’s been! I started doing Crossfit last Monday – that’s a whole different experience and completely irrelevant with regard to this blog, but I will say this: Holy crap! I haven’t worked out that hard, well, ever. I’m hooked and I love it!

Anyway, in between meetings, working out, and DJ gigs, I spent quite a bit of time with Cub last week. The highlight came on Friday. We had a play date with his friend Sebastian (who Cub lovingly calls Gabann – he can’t pronounce ‘Sebastian’) and his dad Sean. As is becoming the new normal, I woke up at 4:15AM to go and workout, came home, made breakfast and showered and then Cub and I left to go meet Sebastian and Sean at the Zimmer Children’s Museum (if you have a toddler and haven’t visited, I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s absolutely amazing..)

We got there at about 10:30am (traffic was silly) and we entered. In front of us, as we got downstairs, was a virtual paradise for children – there was a table with water and pipes and boats so that the kids could play with, well, water and pipes and boats (Cub played there for a long time and got soaked), a raft in a ball pit, a “supermarket” where the kids could go grocery shopping, an ambulance that was converted into a play area, a library, a bouncy room (covered in foam padding) – there was just about everything you can think of for the kids to play with. Cub was in heaven! He and Sebastian were running around and playing with each other. It was adorable. After about an hour of playing there, Sean suggested we head over to the Petersen Automotive Museum (they actually have a great kids’ exhibit on the 3rd floor where you can color in cars that are printed on dry-erase boards on the wall; they also have lots of cool things for the kids to see and play with). The whole time we were there, Jacob kept saying: “Go dim museum!” He really fell in love with the Zimmer Museum… Before we left – Cub and Sebastian were both exhausted – we took a spin around the 2nd floor to see the cars. It was pretty cool! Sebastian grabbed Sean’s hat off his head and came over to Cub and put it on his head. I laughed. Cub kept the hat on! Shocking, because he hates wearing hats…

"I'm just gangsta like dat"

“I’m just gangsta like dat”

Oh, I forgot. When we got to the Petersen, we went for lunch at Johnny Rockets. It was comical. Two dads, two toddlers, and some ketchup. What could go wrong?


Cub sat next to me in a high-chair, and Sebastian sat in the booth. We had to keep all of our drinks and, well, anything sequestered to the back left side of the table so that the boys wouldn’t make a mess. Didn’t work. The food came, and Cub immediately stuck his whole hand in the ketchup bowl – he thought it was paint. Sean moved the bowl to the other side, I cleaned up Cub, then Sebastian stuck his fingers in the ketchup and proceeded to finger-paint on the walls. Ketchup moved again. Cub grabbed a water cup and almost wore the contents – thankfully, I caught him at the last second.

Thinking about having kids yet?

Anyway, as all this was going on, Cub looked over at Sebastian and, while giggling, said: “Gabann funny!”

Since then, every so often, Cub will look up and say: “Gabann funny museum!”

Yeah. I can’t wait to go again either!

Thanks for reading!


Jacob’s Daddy

PS – just for fun, enjoy!


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