You’re Going To Eat That, Right?

If you’ve been following since the beginning, then you know that we’re a vegetarian family. We simply don’t eat anything with a face. That’s our personal choice and we don’t judge anybody for how and what they eat – to each their own. We made the choice based on the Hindu principle of Ahimsa, or non-harming (we are both trained Yoga instructors, and as such, were trained in the original 8 limbs of Yoga. One of those limbs is Ahimsa. How’s that for a quick explanation?)

Basically, what I’m telling you is that my choice to not eat meat stems from the idea that I can easily nourish my body without harming other sentient beings. It stems from the belief (or, rather knowing) that everything is energy and you are what you eat. Again, I do not judge those who eat meat. I do, however, have a problem with animals not being treated in a humane way. I have a problem with ignorant people who needlessly cause animals to suffer. I have a problem with anybody causing any suffering whatsoever, but I digress.

One issue at a time.

What’s fueling this rant today is a post that I saw on Raw For Beauty’s Facebook page – they have a blog that you can read here. The post was about a family who went on a safari in order to kill an elephant. Yes, you read that right. The elephant was not only harmless, it was EATING at the time of its murder and the photo, in which the family POSED with their “prize”, showed the mouthful of foliage that the poor pachyderm never had the chance to finish chewing. You can see it here if you feel you must. (If you’re squeamish, please don’t click the previous link – there are numerous dead animals with ignorant humans posing next to them and if you’re anything like me, it might ruin your day…)

The only thought going through my head as I saw the horrible image was WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?! (I don’t usually use such strong language, so forgive me, but it seems appropriate in this case)

Here’s the thing: I understand people hunting for food. I get it. You kill an animal and then eat the flesh and use the rest of it – fine. There was a purpose to ending the animal’s life. But sport hunting? To me, that is the lowest of the low. Killing an innocent animal for the sake of killing it is inexcusable to me. There’s no way that family ate the elephant that they killed. Not even possible. They killed for sport. And there’s no sport in hunting something that doesn’t stand a chance. It’s target practice. And it’s also horrible. I wish those people could feel the fright and sorrow and loss that these animals and their families feel when hunted. (yes, animals have families) Would they stop if they did?

To the family that killed the elephant and to those who take part in sport hunting, this is what I have to say:

I’m appalled. There is no justification. Please don’t try to justify it. I don’t care if you killed the most vicious predator in the jungle – if that animal was simply living its life with no threat to you, then you are heartless and cruel and should be locked away.

We can do better than that.

Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jacob’s Daddy

PS – Feel free to share this one if you agree with me. I feel like it should get out there.


8 thoughts on “You’re Going To Eat That, Right?

  1. What a great read! I’m not going to click on the link in your blog because when I read/see a bad animal story, it literally does ruin my day.
    Yesterday I watched a bad animal story, and even though it had a happy ending, it made me so sad that I had to immediately cuddle with Joel and my cats to get some kind of loving reaction about humanity.

    I eat meat, but admit I go through a painstaking series of questions over “where did it come from?” “who raised the animal?” “what did the animal eat?”, etc. and won’t eat meat from a restaurant. So many questions.
    I can’t understand mindlessly harming an animal for sport or grabbing a burger without thought about where the meat came from or wearing fur “to keep warm” in Los Angeles (I’m being judgmental though I recognize some might judge me for eating meat regardless of my thought process).

    It’s challenging to be alive without contributing to some sort of exploitation of a species, isn’t it? Sigh. “Be mindful” is such an important expression…

  2. Wow. I have seen stuff like this before. It’s just abosultly disgusting that people use hunting as a sport. There’s just no reason at all for this. I have been a vegetarian for over half of my life. I have a 2.5 year old and he obviously doesn’t eat meat either. I am actually wondering when he figures out those things people eat on buns and at dinner are his beloved cows he likes to watch as we go by how he will take it. Has your family always been vegetarian. How did your kids take to people eating animals around Us?

    • I’ve been vegetarian for 5 years now. My son is almost 2 – he has no clue about others and their meat consumption. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes! Thanks for reading!

  3. I went to the hunter site and saw an advertising for a “Provider for Christ Hunting Adventure.” Unbelievable. They basically kill an animal, take the trophies, presumably they get it stuffed and mounted, and the meat goes to orphans. You can kill and soothe your conscious and tell yourself, you’re feeding orphans and doing it for Jesus no less. They clearly would only be offering this tour because people are actually buying it.

    Clearly I don’t follow the same Jesus as these people.

    • You’re brave for making it that far on the site – I was there for less than 30 seconds. Couldn’t bring myself to look any longer. Even as a Jewish person, I know that Jesus would never condone such a thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he preached love and acceptance.

      • Yes, true and true. Yet, I’ll concede that Jesus kept the company of fishermen, but this seems very different.

        Killing for sport, taking a prize, and then wrapping a bow on it and saying that you’re doing it to feed the hungry. No, you’re really not doing this to feed the hungry. You’ve just flown across the world, no doubt spent thousands of dollars. You didn’t do this just to feed the hungry. You did this for the adrenaline rush of killing a living creature. If you were truly wanted to feed the hungry, there are better and even less costly ways to do it.

        One of the things Jesus always had a problem against was hypocrisy. Trying to look spiritual, when you’re doing something for selfish or base reasons. This seems in line with that.

  4. I’m a meat eater but find the idea of this family killing for fun and standing there for the world to see them boast the fact, abhorrent!
    I didn’t look at the links you added as I do not wish to see.

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